Running after a 3 year old! {Northern Virginia Family Photographer}

Running around after a 3 year old is hard work!  And I only had to do it for about two hours!  Yes, I’m old…my own boys are 23 and almost 20 now, so the memory of 3 year olds is quite distant…but it came rushing back to me when I followed Ryan around and when I watched him mom and dad follow him around last weekend. A bundle of energy barely describes this little guy – don’t you wish you could harness some of that energy and use when you’re 40?  I do….

But Ryan was cute as a button, and had the most amazing eyes!  As I’ve often told folks, family photos are the hardest at this age – most often someone is in mid sentence and the best you can do is take a TON of photos and hope that some combination of the subjects works out.   It’s pretty hard to reason with little ones, and asking them to pose is completely out of the question for sure!

Here are a few sneak peeks for the family…check out those eyes on Ryan folks….

With patient and understanding parents, family photography with little ones can be creative and fun!  Enjoy your sneak peek guys….

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