Riverside on the Potomac…2 weeks and counting… {Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer}

Two weeks and counting!  I love being a wedding photographer, and there are so many gorgeous venues in Northern Virginia!  I’ve had the opportunity to work at many of them, but there’s an excitement to working at a brand new venue that is inspiring.

Two weeks from today I’ll be working at Riverside on the Potomac with Helene and James.  I love their venue, and their caterer (Savoir Fare -if you haven’t already been to an event where they have provided the entrees you are missing out!).  I met with Helene, her mom, Joan, and Savoir Fare last weekend for my second walk through of the venue and so I could hear what the final timeline was coming down too.  Meetings like that always tell me so much about the families, and the actual event..it’s an absolute necessity to great coverage of the day!

For me, I always like to meet at the venue in the last couple of weeks.  This is when the details fall together and so the timelines are set and then I can be sure we have the right number of hours of coverage, and plan for where I will be, and my second shooter too.  And of course, I get to see the venue and I get a sneak peek of how the wedding will be stylized.

For my first time at a venue it’s especially important.  So many couples will only hire a photographer that has worked at a venue already – which is disappointing because it means I’ll  miss out on other venues.   For me, I love not having a preconceived notion of the venue – and being able to go into the venue with the wedding experience, but an open mind about how to use the grounds as our backdrop. But I never go into a venue blind – doing the homework of a venue such as this is how we ensure we are successful for every couple.

Have you seen this venue yet?  If you’d are getting married and shopping for a venue – this one is beautiful!


Riverside on the Potomac, Wedding Venue, Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer


Riverside on the Potomac, Wedding Venue, Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer


This is just part of what I do at this meeting…I take snapshots for my files.  Files I share with my second shooter and assistant so they can “see” where we will be.  This process helps me be better prepared for any venue – one I’ve been to 20 times, or one I’m going to for the first time ever.

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