Recipe for a fun family portrait……{Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer}

Planning a family portrait takes patience, and diligence – before you even get to be in front of the camera as the Eads family learned this year. Bringing grown up family members together is a scheduling dilemma at times, but when it works – WATCH OUT FOLKS! This family worked REALLY hard to find a time that worked for all of them, and did everything to make it fun too.

So many families stop having family photos done when the children get to middle or high school – and it’s almost like your family freezes in time when that happens. Having “grown up” images of your family are just as timeless, and even more special when paired with those early images of your family. Watching the interactions with the families is one of my favorite things about family photography, and seeing the end result is one the reasons I LOVE my job as a photographer.

Here’s a sneak peek for the Eads family – I know they are waiting patiently for their gallery!

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