Rainy Days…muddy days…{Northern Virginia Senior Photographer}

As I plan and plan for the newest additions to the #portraitpark each year I have ideas in my mind of scenes, and what it will take to make them real. Some scenes are easier than others – but in many cases, I depend on Mother Nature.

Today was one of those Mother Nature days. Of course, the perennials I ordered online arrived today. And so did the 100% chance of rain – which came true, in case you didn’t notice. But did that deter me? Nope…I went out anyway, and put the new little plants in their new locations, moved my soil bags around, and got to work. A little rain won’t bother me, right? Besides, it will naturally water in the plants.

Hmmm…I did not plan on getting literally STUCK in the shed when the HAIL came. I couldn’t even get to the car, and honestly, wouldn’t have wanted to get into it anyway with the mud I had all over my boots and me…but escaping the sideways rain and deluge of hail would have been nice. Oh well. Another one for my memory book!

Still have more plants to put into the ground, and a few more details to complete before the first outdoor senior early next week. But with sessions booked back to back for days next week and the week after, I’ll have limited time to get out and get in the dirt…so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that 100% rain today doesn’t really mean 100%…all day…ever hope full I am.

At least I still have tomorrow…

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