Product spotlight! {Northern Virginia Photographer}

It’s been on my to-do list for a while now to start a series of articles here on products that folks overlook in my offerings, and/or products that I’m just not good at marketing after the session.  I thought it might be nice to take a moment and “spotlight” one at a time every month or so, so folks can see images of items they might not otherwise notice in my offerings.

The first item I’m spotlighting is the 5×5 Companion Book.  This is a 5″ x 5″ square book that is only offered as an “add on” when you purchase and have designed a custom 10″x10″ photo book or album.  Once you put that book in your shopping cart, you’ll see a list of add on options.  You can purchase up to two companion books at a really STEEP discount – pretty much my cost on the books.  I do this to give my clients the BEST products and also, to allow them to share their custom books with grandparents, extended family, etc.  It’s a great option for newborn parents to give to the new grandparents, or for a high school senior parent to get so they can keep the small book and give the larger one to their senior, or vice-versa on the sizes.  Perfect for wedding clients to give the parents a copy of their treasured book, too.  Either way, once the design is done for your 10×10 book, I can easily shrink it to the 5×5 size and you can get a wonderful add on to your custom designed book that someone in your life will LOVE!

This photo shows the two books for sizing – these are two samples I have in my studio that you are welcome to see anytime in person!

Once again, premium clients have 20% off design items including custom books and add ons to the books – so even the companion books are offered at 20% off.  The Companion books are not available for ordering separately, and the order must be placed at the same time as your 10×10 book.  They are offered to both Basic and Premium clients in the shopping cart under “Custom Photo Books”.

As a reminder, custom books can be ordered with a photo designed custom cover (as these samples are showing) or with a leather like or fabric cover instead.  Be sure to ask about a book after your next session as a way to showcase up to 30* of your favorite session images!

*approximate number of images in a designed book, each design is custom and as such, some designs have more space for more photos than others.  I’m happy to tweak designs when possible without comprising the design to accommodate your favorites photos from your session – please be sure to check out my predesigned book and my book pricing and design policies.

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