Preparing for flowers…lots and lots of flowers! {Round Hill Photography}

So what do you do with a field of overgrown grass?  Well, you can let your neighbors put their horses there…until they move away and take their horses.  Or you can watch it grow.  But it looks yuk in front of your house.  You can just cut it and cut it, and cut it again.  But I have a better idea!

How about a field of wildflowers?  It would look nice, and it could also be a beautiful backdrop for photos, right?  Well, that’s the plan folks!  First step is to dig up the “grass” and weeds that are growing there.  And that step took place today!!!  Now we have to “disc” the field, plow the field (even it out) and then try to grow some flowers…hmmm…we’ll take this one step at a time, LOL!

Most of you already know I have a fascination with large trucks (can you say firetruck fetish?), so of course, when I have a large tractor in my field I can’t resist getting the camera out and documenting the process.  And yes, I had big trucks as a little kid and LOVED to play in my dad’s trucks on weekends.  (my dad was a truck driver, so that might be what fueled my truck fetish, LOL)

First step….hopefully we’ll have flowers growing this summer!

Turning over the field

Turning over the field

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