Playing with a new backdrop in studio—– {Loudoun County Photographer}

So…I dragged Kaitlin out here in all this snow, over hill and dale..through the woods and everything so I could play with a couple new light setups and a new backdrop.  It was crazy to drag her out here, but with all this white stuff I was going a little stir crazy to not have picked up my camera in a while, and not be focusing on something other than the snow.  (which is pretty boring, now folks…)

So crazy as it was, it was a whirlwind of doing as much as we could quickly as possible.  The one main goal was to play with the Parking sign backdrop – and I think we got that at least!  So, here she is – Kaitlin and the parking sign …..

Kaitlin Bledsoe, Class of 2010

Kaitlin Bledsoe, Class of 2010

Bledsoe210-112-Edit SWM

And one without the sign – and some fun pillows I found on clearance at Target…

Bledsoe210-148-Edit SWM

I need to play more with all the stuff I’ve been working on, so the snow HAS TO MELT to make the road and the driveway better for folks.  Fingers crossed for sun this week as that is the best snow removal out there.

Fresh Faces is still going on, and I might have to extend the deadline for entries…so far we haven’t had much interest and I’m trying not to take it personally {SIGH}…so if you know of someone ages 15-19, tell them to enter – it just takes a snapshot and you’re in!  Email me your snapshots to:  patty@pattyschuchman.com and that’s pretty much all it takes.  I’ll take entries and put them up on a poll here for you to have your friends and family come and vote..and the winner gets TWO FREE sessions – a Double Exposure session – FREE!  Free to enter, free to win…why not try?

  1. Kaitlin says:

    So the other picture isn’t showing! 🙁 But i love these! SO much!

  2. Darlene says:

    What an awesome background!

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