Parting Shots from the Class of 2012…. {Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer}

It’s almost that time folks…when we start seeing “congratulations to the graduating class of….” everywhere.  College acceptances are pouring in, plans are being made…parents are writing the first big checks for the selected universities of their high schoolers.  So how about we give the wallet a break, huh?

I’m offering FREE Parting Shots mini sessions this spring for any member of ANY graduating class this year.  Client or not, I want to give you a great image to have forever before you go off to college.  Don’t care about the pictures?  Well, mom and dad do…so do it for them!

Details?  It’s a 15 minute mini session in studio – bring either your school’s cap and gown (I do not provide caps and gowns as the schools have too many different colors and sizes, sorry) – or – THE MOST POPULAR OPTION – bring spirit wear from the school of your choice for next year.  We’ll take some great images of you – give you one for Facebook, Twitter, whatever – and give you some AMAZING deals on prints from that session –

So take advantage of this offer – even if you used someone else (sadly, I know it’s true) for your actual senior photos).  This offer is for EVERYONE.  Sessions are offered in 15 minute increments, bring a friend, organize a group – your choice.  The only condition is that they be here at my studio – so call (703) 328 7675 today, or REQUEST A SESSION NOW to send me an email and we’ll find a time to set aside for your Parting Shot.


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