Outdoor Family….{Northern Virginia Family Photographer}

Family portraits are a challenge – first the planning – finding a date, convincing the group, dealing with the grumbles…planning the clothing, etc. All that leads up to the actual day OF – and you keep your fingers crossed for good weather, and that everyone is in good spirits. I know this of course, because of my own family portrait days, LOL.

For this family, the day was planned…and weather was watched very carefully…the sky wasn’t as great as we’d have liked, but in the end, the diffused light of the cloud cover allowed us to shoot the session BEFORE the rain started full force that afternoon – at what would have been the actual session time! Being flexible pays off with family photos – and that goes all the way through the process. Nothing is ever what you think it will be, so flexibility is the your best defense. And on this day, we had three cooperative older siblings, two adorable parental units, everyone was well dressed for the atmosphere of the session location (the portrait park), and even the dogs were friendly and agreeable!

Without further delay, here’s a sneak peek for the family! Aren’t they adorable???

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