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So our Fourth of July weekend was full of family and friends – just the way I like it! Although I can’t take credit for it as I’ve been so bogged down in my business (as usual), but my husband pulled me out and told me we were having guests and he would handle it all. I’m so glad he did that! One of the many reasons I love the man….

Having a housefull for the weekend was wonderful – it’s so quiet there most of the year now that the boys are grown and mostly out. But we had our oldest son home, our youngest son home, and we were plus one as my youngest’s girlfriend was visiting for the weekend too. Add to that close friends for Saturday and Sunday and you have a recipe for success.

Sunday’s guests were long time family friends – and I do mean LONG TIME. We’ve known the Yorio family since our oldest was a baby…and coincidentally, their youngest was a baby too then! Then they had another, then we had another…then they had another…and then they had another…and well, they ended up as a family of 6 and we stuck with the family of 4, LOL. But still, through all the years and all the places we’ve lived, it’s always been like we were around the corner from them the whole time. They are the kind of friend that you never really lose touch with, you know? They are in your hearts forever.

So I could NOT resist putting the kids in the field with the infamous green truck and taking thier picture. Too bad the Yorio’s youngest wasn’t with them for this trip, but rounded out with our “kids”, their “kids”, and Lauren, Matt’s girlfriend. All were troopers and didn’t even argue when the bees started buzzing by the truck….but they did JUMP for joy when we were done!

Here they are – it makes us all so happy that the kids are still close and now “grown up” friends to carry on the tradition!

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Special days like this should always be documented well, shouldn’t they? Family dynamics change so quickly, and these moments are gone if not remembered with images like this!

  1. Liz DeMarco says:

    As always, love the pictures…you have beautiful children and friends 🙂

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