Now Offering a Model Call List Opportunity….{Loudoun County High School Senior Photographer}

I’m making some changes this year to a bunch of things and one thing I am introducing is a “Model Call List”. Simply put, you put your name on a list of interested and willing “models” for my business and I’ll call upon the group when I have a new project I’ll be working on. Your only obligation should you participate in the model call is to actually show up – with any clothing requested. In some cases, a hair and make up artist will be available at my cost, in some cases I might not request specific clothing. But in all cases, there is no cost to you UNLESS you purchase something from the day. Most often anything offered for purchase will be at a discount, but in ALL cases, the copyright and images belong to me to artistically interpret. You also are not under any obligation to participate in all calls – each call will go out to the whole group of people on my list, and the ones that can participate simply say yes. Those that can’t, no problem. All the details of what I’ll be doing will be in each Model Call I put out.

Model Call Lists are for experimenting – new scenes, new lighting, new techniques in post processing. You do not have to be exclusive to my business, and you do not have to purchase anything. You also do NOT have to solicit your friends to buy anything or promote my business in any way unless you want to on your own. This is NOT a “Senior Rep” program – this is very different.

Interested? Send me an email at patty@pattyschuchman.com or call me at (703) 328 7675 and I’ll add your name to my list. If you have any particular interests in something you’d like to do or try, add that to your note and I’ll add it to my files as a possible option also.

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