Not ignoring you, I promise – {Loudoun Family Photographer}

I promise, I’m not ignoring you!  This has been a crazy week – CRAZY.  Phone is ringing off the hook and I’m doing my best to get back to everyone.  Lots of last minute seniors – you know, I love seniors!  It’s hard to get everyone in with varying schedules, but I am adjusting my own schedule for the next two weeks to accomodate all who call because I’m a sucker for making sure high school seniors get in their yearbook if they can!  I’m thrilled to have as many folks from Heritage High School in Leesburg call me, and of course, my home town school, Loudoun Valley High School is turning out in droves too.  I hate that folks aren’t necessarily happy with the school’s photographer, and I’m amazed at how many kids just missed the chance completely to even see the school photographer.  But I am available, and still have a bunch of last minute openings, so if you know someone who still needs a yearbook photograph, tell them to give me a call.

In between all the last minute high school seniors, I’m doing lots of fall foliage photos and have spent countless hours driving to possible locations for beautiful vistas.  If you are still wanting a family shot, call me before the leaves are all on the ground!  We have a couple slots still available for families, and I’m actually reserving one precious weekend day to try to do a pumpkin patch visit with a few families at once and be able to get some cute kid/family shots with the seasonal offerings that a pumpkin patch brings.  If I do something like that, it will be more like a mini-mini session, so if you like that idea, give me a call and we’ll chat.

My newsletter went out this week, and if you aren’t on my mailing list – please join it today!  There is a sign up box at the bottom of this page and it’s always packed with the latest and greatest and at least 4 times a year I put GREAT coupons in it that only my newsletter folks know about.  I even had a print sale recently that ONLY the newsletter folks knew about, so get on that list to be on top of the best deals possible.

And I’m networking like crazy.  I could probably network my whole week away, but right now I’m trying to also focus on business growth, so I’m doing as much as I can while being attentive to my business needs too.  Along the way I’ve met some great folks who do other things, and I’ve listed their businesses on a page here under my About Me section so you can see who I recommend.  Most of these folks I know really well, so give them a call if you have a need and tell them I sent you their way!

That’s all for now… my boys are coming home today and I have to shop for groceries – and I’m running around all weekend with 3 family shoots, so you’ll be seeing lots of blogging of family photography next week for sure!  Enjoy the fall weather – and call me if you still want some pictures out there in the colors….

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