New Product Offering….Custom Folios! {High School Senior Photographer}

I LOVE finding new products that I can offer my clients and when I saw these I just knew they could be SO MUCH better than the old fashioned folios that most school contract photographers offer to seniors.  This is a twist on the old folio – a product than can hold up to 8 4×5 photos, and self easels so you can display it on a table top.  These older folios are widely used still, but this new option might just make you re-think the old fashioned folio!

Take a look at the Custom Designed Folios.  These are 8×10, but will also be offered in a 5×7 size.  They “open” and inside can be up to 4 images, with 2-4 images on the outside.  Highlighting two images in a larger format and with the flexibility of using portrait orientation OR landscape orientation photos without HAVING to fill pre-sized “slots” on the old fashioned style, this new folio comes in 5 different designs currently and can complete your “look” if you have a custom designed book and/or graduation card too.

Won’t these look better in your home?  Your office?  They are just beautiful in person – ask to see a sample next time you come by the studio!

Custom Folios!

Sample Inside

So why settle for the old version?  Ask how you can get a custom folio instead!

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