New pricing announced for 2013! Released immediately to benefit all — Holiday portraits are now less expensive…{Northern Virginia Photographer}

Yup, you will spend less money to get what you want now – and  you can even get more than you could before!  I’ve implemented a LOT of changes in the last week, so if you haven’t checked out the pricing recently you should do so soon.  In addition to lowering prices of desk, wall prints AND digital files, I’ve also given you an opportunity to purchase your “Gallery of Files”.  This is a completely new way to buy your digital files – all your images as presented in your gallery in FULL RESOLUTION with a Print Release!  That means you can take them, print them, share them anywhere.  Full resolution files are 300 dpi, so they will print anywhere.  You’ll receive the files as presented – so if you’ve seen retouched versions in your gallery you get them too!  If you want more images retouched, I have an option to purchase just the ones you want retouched for a very low additional amount.  This way you get them all – AND you get the ones  you really want just right.

The Gallery of Files is a direct response to the dilemma I’ve seen so many folks in this year – everyone wants them all.  I don’t want to stand in the way of that, but I also wanted to find a way to make it economical for you to get them.  So this option is both a la carte AND discounted in Step 4 of Create Your Own Package.

And let’s talk about sessions for a minute – I’ve REALLY streamlined those to make it easier to understand and to decide upon which one works for you.  AND I’ve lowered session fees to make everything more in line with current market conditions.  You now have the following options:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Studio (Portrait Park here at the studio)
  • Split Studio – both indoor and outdoor studio
  • On Location – any location that is NOT my studio or my Portrait Park
  • Ultimate – one Split Studio AND another On Location
  • Business Sessions – in studio or on location including 3 full resolution digital files released,
  • Weddings – hourly with digitals, two shooters, engagement session included.
  • Events – hourly with digitals
AND one last little announcement – High School Senior Yearbook sessions – (mini studio sessions) ARE NOW FREE and will remain so.  You won’t be charged any session fee to book your tux or drape photo in my studio.  If you school imposes a fee for inclusion that will be collected at your session, with a check made payable to the school directly.  There will be NO FEE to me for the session.  Why?  One, I love high school seniors and I feel especially passionate about making sure everyone is in their “book” – and two – well, it’s the right thing to do.  Everyone should have access to a good a yearbook image.  And I’ll be the first photographer to step up to the plate to offer them for FREE.  And yes, I still provide the tux and/or drapes and appropriate backdrop.

I hope you’ll see the value in the new offerings and take advantage of them soon.  I’m excited to extend my December offer to give back 100% of any session fee for December sessions as a print credit too – so if you haven’t yet booked your family session, now is a GREAT time to do so – with ABSOLUTELY the best value possible!

Family Portraits, High School Senior Portraits, Business Portraits, Actor Headshots – Weddings & Events – you’ll find something here for everyone at a price that will also appeal to everyone.

Want more details?  Be sure to sign up for the online digital brochure HERE.  It’s packed with details and samples – all the pricing disclosed for everything BEFORE you book ANYTHING.


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