New Family Photos AND a digital photo album too…perfect combination for the walls and the pocket….{Loudoun Family Photographer}

Recently, a local family requested a portrait session at their home.  They were interested in some updated family pictures while everyone was home during the holidays.  After a bit of shuffling around with weather, we finally had the photo session on New Years Eve at their home and the results were wonderful.  The family loved them all so much, they wanted them on the walls of their new home.  But they also wanted digital copies if possible – so they could share with others and enjoy them all as they were so spread out from each other.

And here is where the Create Your Own Package system shines yet again!  This family can now enjoy a full digital photo album APP – customized with their images – on their portable devices.  It gives them the ability to enjoy and share ALL the images they purchased as part of their Create Your Own Package – as a bonus and FREE because they started with a wall grouping.  Because when you love so many images and want to live with them on your walls, you want them in your pocket too, right?


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And the best news of all – you can page through the images with a swipe and each image shows up full and crisp on your device!  And when someone in the family says they want a copy, there is a “share this” button allowing you to immediately send them a link for them to download it to their device too!  It doesn’t get any easier than this….

Want to see what is going on their wall?  Funny you should ask – they wanted to see it first too – so I showed them this: (well, sort of – I changed the room to a digital sample so the family didn’t have their living room wall on the internet – but we actually use a photo of YOUR OWN wall to help you vision this so pretend this is their wall, ok?)


family photography, family portraits, wall portraits


Of course, I can change the arrangement, change the frames, etc.  All BEFORE you buy anything.  See it digitally and decide before you put a nail in the wall if the images are the right size, the right arrangement, etc.  All at your Viewing and Ordering session and all while saving money with the Create Your Own Package system.

So what are you waiting for?  You know you want this too — email me at patty@pattyschuchman.com or call me at (703) 328 7675 today to see how we can set up a session for your family and give you everything you want from your results!  Check out the full portfolio of family images at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com.

Oh, and yes- I now offer framing of your images so these images will be ready to hang when delivered to the client.  Seriously, does it get any easier than this????




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