New Digital Brochures and Special Offer Postcards…what a week! {Loudoun High School Senior Photographer}

It’s been a busy few weeks.  I’ve spent a lot of time updating the online guides that list all my session types, products offered, session suggestions, etc.  The old guides were only viewed from full browsers, so it made it difficult for anyone using a mobile device to see all the details.  I had a work around in place but it meant 4 places to update all the pricing all the time.  So now I have two guides – one for ALL my services, and one for just high school seniors.  I’m excited to have this huge business chore behind me, as setting them up, planning for information flow, etc was not something I wish I had to work on as a photographer.  I’d SO much rather be out taking photographs of people and editing them.  But I know a large part of my business is marketing my business, so I hope these guides help folks see my services offered and understand how my business works.  In the end, the benefit is that I learned a new software product so it’s a win.  And of course it kept me busy in the “slow” summer season.

The new guide covers – click one to take you to the guide it represents!


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Notoriously July is slow – everyone is on vacation and NO ONE wants to think about school.  I need folks to think about it though because timing is tight for everyone once school starts and if everyone waits until school starts to realize they need pictures, it means I have to turn away business.  I hate to do that – especially if I’ve been sitting for weeks on end in the summer.  So I have sent out a very special postcard with a never before offered special to book up August.

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Did you get your postcard?  I didn’t use my personal mailing list – I have a special one I acquired so I’m sending it to lots of new people.  If you didn’t get a card, and want the offer, though – email me and I’ll be happy to share the special.  It’s a great way to have a session REALLY CHEAP up front as it’s a BOOKING CREDIT – not a print credit offer.  So you can take the special amount OFF your session fee!  ANY session fee.  So you can book a one hour indoor session for a net of $25 upfront.  Deal, right?  Yes…it is.  And if you haven’t seen the indoor studio yet, you’ll know why $25 is a STEAL OF A DEAL for a one hour session.

Or maybe you want a one hour outdoors.  Well, yes – you can book that with the special and get that for $75.  ANY location – or use my Portrait Park for convenience.

Or apply the special to any Premium session – like the Studio Split or Ultimate sessions and see the REAL value.

What are you waiting for?  Check out those online guides and then request a session today!  I hope I book August completely – so don’t wait as there are really only 3 weeks until school starts now….and there are other things on the calendar already too.  But we need to get busy, folks….seriously!

Are you ready to get started?  Click here!


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