Most often ordered items – Custom Books! {Loudoun Photographer}

I have folks ask me about the items I offer all the time when they come to my studio and see my samples.  But if you never come to my studio and we don’t ever sit down and talk about the products you can get from your session, you may never know what options you have.

Recently, the big seller has been custom designed coffee table books.   A custom designed book will typically end up with 20 pages – and a custom designed cover.  I will spend about 10 hours from start to finish to design your book, show your proof and tweak it to your liking.  That  10 hours is AFTER your photos are already captured, so all in all, a custom book can take me up to 20 hours with photography and photo edit time.  Some folks don’t factor into the time that EVERY PHOTO IN YOUR BOOK HAS TO BE EDITED as if it were being printing for a wall portrait.  Books are printed on high end print presses like magazines, so extra attention is spent on the details of all of your images.  The more images in your book, the more expensive your book can get to be.   The design process to get a book is approximately 2 weeks after your order is placed, and you will have 3 chances to make changes to your proofs before the final is sent to the printer.  Printing can take up to two weeks, so please allow 4 weeks for a custom design book to be received after your order is placed.

A typical book will have 30 photos in it from your session.  Some a few less, some a few more.  My process has you identify the “love its” and the “like its” of your session proofs and I work off that list to bring your book to life.

One product that gets overlooked in my offering line up is the companion book.  I offer a small 5″x5″ version of the 10″x10″ book that is very attractively priced and only offered to you to purchase if you purchase the 10″x10″ book first.  That’s why I call it the companion book.  You get the same design, only smaller.  Perfect for sharing with grandparents, having one for your office, or in the case of the high school seniors, giving one to the senior to keep while you keep the original bigger version.  They are only available for purchase IF you purchase a larger book, and only available in the same format – so a 10″x10″ book can get a 5″x5″ companion book. ( Other size larger books need a personal quote for a possible companion book, so please inquire)

Here are some sample books I show my customers

Sample 10x10 with 5x5 companion book

Sample Senior 10x10 custom books

Custom books start at $400, but book a premium session and get 20% off  YOUR book!

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