Miss Jayde….Yes, folks – a little GIRL this time! {Loudoun Newborn Photography}

Well, finally!  I had my first newborn GIRL to play with!  And I was so prepared for this little one…I had “sets” in the studio for her, and lights ready to go…lots and lots of ideas!  But alas…Miss Jayde liked the bean bag, and pretty much only the bean bag…so I got a bunch of those for sure.  But my other ideas didn’t all work out like I’d hoped for Miss Jayde – and that folks is why doing newborn photography is both challenging and rewarding.  And requires lots of patience!

So the disaster of the day – I dropped my lens.  My favorite, go to, need it for everything lens.  My beloved Nikon 24-70.  So we’ll see what Nikon has to say about it – and my fingers and toes are all crossed that it isn’t toast because the tears have already been shed, I’d hate to start again.  Stupid mistake on my part to leave the lens where I did – but I’m taking full blame for sure – it was a dumb move.  Good news it, baby was my number one priority and the lens can either be fixed or replaced.

So here are some sneak peeks for Baby Jayde’s parents, Lisa and Tony.  You guys were such troopers for letting me play with your little bundle of sweetness!  She was a GREAT baby – and I hope you like these!


Williams-216-Edit-SWM BDR


Your gallery should be up here shortly, Lisa and Tony!  In the meantime, hope you like these enough to show them off to your friends and family!

  1. Sarah Williams says:

    OMG the pictures turned out beautiful… I absolutely love the first one. You did a great job and hopefully they have you do more as she gets older since the ones we take with our camera’s and phones dont do her as much justice as you have done.

  2. lisa williams says:

    You did an amazing job capturing the essence of our little girl – thank you so much!

  3. Toni Scavone says:

    Patty, great job with the pics! That first one should be in a magazine. Congratulations Lisa & Tony, she is just so Precious!

  4. Kimberly Weiser says:


  5. Joanne says:

    They are all wonderful especially the one of her dressed as a banana! Ha Ha

  6. Joan says:

    She is just BEAUTIFUL……the pictures are great can’t wait to see the rest of them

  7. Karen says:

    What a precious baby – great pics and can’t wait to hold her!

  8. Patrick says:

    She is beautiful, and the pictures are fantastic. Congrats Lisa and Tony, and hats off, Patty!

  9. Andrea Vonutter says:

    She’s a princess! love them all but the one in the hat is my favorite!

  10. Cathy Duncan says:

    Breathtaking! She is beautiful!

  11. MARLENE KELLY says:


  12. Amy Plumley says:

    Sooo cute.

  13. diandra says:

    She is toooo precious! I just want to love her up! She is beautiful Lisa and Tony – you done good!!! I hope to meet you sooner than later! Love you guys!

  14. Regina Thomas says:

    OMG! Congratulations Lisa and Tony! What a wonderful blessing and bundle of JOY!!! Welcome to the world little cousin Jadye!!
    I can’t wait to love on you!!!!!!!

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