Merry Wishes for all!

I have been so busy with last minute orders, new client inquiries and designing items for gifts that I have been sadly ignoring my blog – and I apologize.  I’m certainly not sitting doing nothing, the opposite in fact.  I have been spending all my time getting orders processed and then getting them delivered.  When I’m not ordering, or packaging, or delivering, I’ve been meeting with new clients for upcoming sessions & events and researching new products to offer my customers.  Whew!  What a month!!!

One thing I’m playing around with these days is the possibility of offering slideshows of sessions to my customers.  Right now it’s all just for fun stuff – I have a couple kinks I have to work out and I have to figure out the workflow of them, not to mention how they would be received.  But in a “double whammy” for me, I made my business holiday card into a slide show from a popular vendor, Animoto.  They have cool offerings and I’m happy with their transitions and fade outs.  Right now I’m NOT happy with the colors of the photos in the holiday card, but I’m letting it go so I can continue to work through why that happens in their cards. It doesn’t happen in the short slideshows – as you’ll see with the other mini I’ve put here of my son’s Black Belt Test from James Madison University’s Tae Kwon Doe club last spring.  The only color challenge there is the room lighting – no less than 4 different light sources in that room confusing everyone including me, LOL!  But I’m putting both the holiday card and the Black Belt Test here for all to see – I hope you enjoy them!

Unfortunately I was unable to get all my customers images in the card this year – I’ve been blessed with a successful business and I had too many customers.  Because I didn’t want to choose, I let the computer choose with a randomize on them.  Please don’t get offended if you aren’t in the show – I didn’t want folks to sit for 30 minutes viewing a holiday card!  Enjoy them, leave comments about them – and above all – ASK for one when your session is done!  Won’t this be fun with events and weddings???????

Here is the Holiday Card –

And here is my son the Black Belt –

Thanks for looking and remember to ask for a slideshow of YOUR images next year!

  1. Joshua Schuchman says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! Amazing transitions, and of course I look great, thank you so much!

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