Memories…digital or printed?   {Northern Virginia Photographer}

So many people are looking for digital files now.  I get it, I’m totally digital in so many ways.  But when it comes to photos, I’m on the fence.  I want to have those digital files –  JUST IN CASE.  But I want the prints NOW.  And forever.  And so often, a wonderful moment caught candidly on my phone or even my travel camera just doesn’t get printed any more.  I see it, think it’s cute – share it on social media – and then forget all about it until Facebook reminds me a year later of that moment.  But 99% of the time, they don’t get printed any more.  And I have NO EXCUSE, right?

So many people are “enjoying the moment” on their phones and it just kind of goes off…down the line of  hundreds of other photos that you take next.  How often do you page through your photos on your phone?  Or your computer?   I’m guilty of it, I know you are too….

What I love about the photos on my walls and all around my home are that they are moments I can relive…any time.  Walking up the stairs in my home I see the images on my wall at the top of the steps – and the ones on the little table up there.  Candid moments from when the kids were younger, family group photos from trips we took, and more.  The photo of my dad, my brother and my husband that I see every single time I walk up those steps.  Just a quick candid capture – but it means so much to me now that my dad has passed away.  I get to “see” him every day.

And these aren’t moments when I’m looking for pictures – these are everyday moments when I’m busy doing something else- running to get out the door in the morning, or going up to bed at night – but I see these moments and they remind me of something wonderful.  People I love.  And so, the printed image wins in my book.  Every time.

I will still grab those digital files – but I need my prints.  Because some day MY kids might want the silent reminder of their mom and dad to have in their homes.  And if the images are just on a digital drive somewhere, they might not ever be seen again.  And that’s sad.

But I am so happy that when I’m home, I can see those adorable faces of my kids dressed up for Halloween back in 1996 – and of my dad, smiling at my husband and brother.  Moments I can’t get back, but I can relive everytime I see them.  Because I see them.
Just something to think about.

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