Melanie, Stone Bridge High School Class of 2012…{Loudoun High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

Melanie had her first of two sessions this past weekend and we managed some outdoor setups (since the rain had stopped for a bit) and then moved into the indoor studio for some casual setups. We moved quickly as the sun is setting so much faster now then just two weeks ago which cuts into the outdoor time. And of course the earlier rain had made the ground a bit squishy too so we had to consider that in any pose that went down on the ground. But Melanie was great – easy to work with and up for anything I wanted to try!

Here’s the sneak peek for Melanie’s first session – I hope you enjoy it and as always – if you’ve stopped by, please leave a comment and tell us you were here!

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If you would like senior portraits like Melanie’s, call (703) 328-7675 or email patty@pattyschuchman.com for more information on how to customize a senior portrait session for the images you want to have to remember forever!

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Loooove these pics of my beautiful daughter! Can hardly wait to see some of the others!

  2. Marga Dube says:

    Beautiful Pictures of Melanie. I loved them all but my favorite is the bottom three!

  3. Leroy Dube says:

    Another star is born – my favorite is the bottom one on the right. Do I recognize a Dube in her?

  4. Annemarie says:

    Wow, these are really gorgeous:) The outside pictures are my favorites.

  5. Marissa Mugnano says:

    These pictures are amazinggg! they look so beautiful, good job mel i love the outside ones but there all great!

  6. Catherine Mugnano says:

    Melanie these pictures are gorgeous! You’re so beautiful!

  7. Eileen Nichols says:

    I love the photos – they are all beautiful, but of course that has a lot to do with the lovely young lady being photographed!!

  8. Erin Felizzi says:

    What great photos – Melanie has such a natural beauty about her!!

  9. Sheila Perez says:

    They are all amazing. If I had to choose now, it would be the bottom middle picture. I am just glad I don’t have to make that decision.

  10. Mary Ellen Felizzi says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady!! Love the bottom middle, a natural Mel picture!!

  11. Sandra Rozier says:

    So photogenic….just like your Aunt Sandra. My favorite is the top middle one but they are all beautiful.

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