Mason, casual style…. {Loudoun County High School Senior Photographer}

Mason came to me for yearbook photos and some casual studio shots yesterday.  Yearbook shots, check…did those pretty quickly and Mason changed back into a real teenager with the casual shirt and jeans.  This is the fun part, right?  Mason – I hope I found the look you like, but I gotta tell you, I enjoyed the time with you I can’t find a favorite from the day!  So I hope this sneak peek is to your liking, and I hope Mom enjoys it too!

Mason is already in the Air Force – but didn’t bring a uniform (shame on you Mason – that would have been cool too!).  And he wasn’t having anything to do with my silly poses, he knew exactly what he’d do – little direction from me and he fell into “pose” nicely.  So without further ado…meet Mason!

Loudoun Valley High School Senior, Mason Crowder

Loudoun Valley High School Senior, Mason Crowder

Class of 2010, Loudoun Valley High School

Class of 2010, Loudoun Valley High School

Next, you’ll meet a Heritage Senior…so stay tuned!  Senior Portraits are still available, so call me soon to get the calendar dates before we’re cold and yucky!  I have time available still and you can see my offerings here until “Details”, and in my online brochure at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/SeniorInfo.

And stay tuned to this page as I will be announcing an ALL NEW pricing structure by 12/1/09 – easier to understand, and simplified for folks to see their options with sessions.

  1. Kaitlin says:

    To add to my comment on the above post/pictures, where do you find all the handsome boys?! 🙂 These are great photographs! Glad you found it easy to work with him!

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