Marie, Life Coach {Business Photographer – Loudoun County Photography}

This is Marie – who owns Beacon Coaching, LLC in Sterling, Virginia. Marie and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time finding her portrait. Marie came to me as a referral from another recent client (thank you Cris!) and needed a photograph for her soon to be released website. I like taking time to get to know my clients, to find their needs for a photo and to capture the essence of what they want to convey when they are using that photo for a website, or business card. I know how important image is (really I do, even if go out in jeans and tshirts most days! LOL)..and when it comes to the images on your website, it’s especially important that folks get the right first impression. That is why I take the time with you to get to know you, your business and your needs. The time spent with Marie was wonderful – she is so open and warm and I’m sure she’s a terrific life coach because I found myself happier when she left for the time we spent together!

Marie, Beacon Coaching LLC

Marie, Beacon Coaching LLC

If you are in need of an updated image for your own website or other business need, please consider my Business photography opportunities. I especially LOVE the opportunity to come to an office and have 5 or more folks get new images all in one day! It’s always a better “deal” for a group – and the whole office ends up looking great on your site in the end! Check out my website at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com today.

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I love that you provide so many different services to your clients! Terrific! She looks wonderful and so professional!

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