Maintaining the Portrait Park for your comfort…and safety… {Northern Virginia Photographer}

Having a #portraitpark is so much more than sharing my backyard and gardens.  Client comfort is a huge concern, so we plan our areas and our sessions around how to offer a comfortable break, a shade area, and how to keep you and your clothing protected from any elements.

Of course, outdoors there are elements…and we can’t control all of it.  But we do take a lot of precautions to help minimize the concerns.  Every three weeks during the spring, summer and fall season we have a company come and use an eco-friendly solution that cuts down on the creepy crawlies AND dangerous mosquitos that otherwise want to roam the grassy areas and forests.  Just this one step is major- by helping to cut down dramatically on the pests we can help YOUR session be more comfortable.  And of course, we also supplement the scheduled process with additional grass applications and when necessary, sprays and even foggers to cut down on flying pests.  Our goal is to always provide a safe and comfortable environment for your photo session.

Although we have a large open field, we will NOT put you in the middle of a wild field of tall grasses…it’s just asking for trouble.  IF we use the field we have a path mown for you to stand and walk through, and that path is treated with bug repellent.  We also provide sprays and wipes if you are comfortable using them, for an added layer of protection from the little “buggers”.  We never want to make light of the fact that the very areas that are beautiful in photos also belong to nature – and in nature there are things that aren’t always great for humans.

We’ll watch out for you – and still give you the looks you want.


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