Maddie, class of 2011….{Northern Virginia High School Senior Photography}

Maddie came into the studio this weekend with a completely open mind and great wardrobe choices too!  We spent a few minutes going through her clothing and planning the session around backdrops, chairs, props, etc so that Maddie could maximize her studio time and it completely paid off!  Maddie – I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, and as always, comments please if you’ve stopped by – tell Maddie how beautiful she is!  This is just a small sample of what I’ve got planned for your gallery Maddie!

With every full session seniors have options – we work with the clothing choices you bring and find backgrounds, setups and props that compliment you and your choices.  We find poses that are comfortable to you, and work to find the most pleasing proofs possible.  If you haven’t had a GREAT experience with a photographer, don’t rule out the possibility that you just had the wrong photographer!  A session should be fun, and you should leave feeling GREAT.  Call me today to find out how you can have a senior session that makes you feel amazing, AND gives you LOTS of proofs to consider!  Call (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675 today, or check out my seniors web site at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/seniors – and my Senior Info Guide – an online brochure that details everything you need to know about a senior session with Patty Schuchman Photography!

  1. Leslie says:

    I love them! My favorite is number three. Can’t wait to see the full gallery! Thanks so much Patty!

  2. Deb Chrisney says:

    Maddie’s senior pictures look fabulous — they have a lot more glamour to them then in my day……she’s a doll and looks so pretty!

  3. Lu Ryan says:

    When Patty says to give “attidude” you know what she wants…. Why is it so hard to replicate the look that Mom/Dad so every day??

  4. Lu Ryan says:

    EDIT “see every day”

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