Love is in the air….it must be spring! {Loudoun Wedding Photographer}

Hello, world!  It’s Spring time, and soon to be wedding season too!  So of course, we have to have an engagement session!  And just in time to play the roles of the happy (maybe even too happy if that is possible) engaged couple, I have Mike and Kate.

Mike and Kate are getting married in May – and yes, they are really that happy and cute!  They were too much fun to photograph (this wedding is going to be GREAT fun!) because it is so obvious they were made for each other and are completely in love.  I dragged them all over Colvin Run Mill Park in Reston – and they were great troopers about it too.  I made poor Kate sit in the grass (and she’s allergic to grass!!! – but she did take her meds, so I’m hoping she’s ok today) and I made them get all “dewey eyed” with each other.  It became clear they like to laugh with each other, and from my own experience, I believe that’s a positive thing.  I know my own husband of 25 years and I laugh all the time – both with each other and AT each other!

So here are a couple previews for Mike and Kate – I hope you love them.  I’m excited about wedding day and I know it will be beautiful and FUN!

Engagement-271-Edit-SWM BDR



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  1. Julie says:

    Patty you did a beautiful job! We are looking forward to seeing your beautiful work on the wedding day!

  2. Adrianne says:

    From your captures of them, they seem like such a sweet, fun-loving couple. Have very fortunate to have you capture this moment in their lives. It will never be exactly like this again so keeping that preserved is so important. Congrats on the wonderful images and to the lucky couple.

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