Looking for some new props….{Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer}

Just wanted to give a shout out to anyone listening…I’m on the hunt for a few new props for the outdoor Portrait Park.  Since I only use these for pictures, I need things that are visually appealing, but they certainly don’t need to work!  If you have something that isn’t listed here but you think would be great, let me know and I’ll see if I can use it or store it until I come up with an idea for it!

Old farm equipment – metal, rusty, wood, etc.  Barn doors, hay holders, just about anything you have I’ll consider

Old cars or trucks – if you know of anyone with an older model car or truck, even if they don’t want to sell it but wouldn’t mind having it here for photos, I’d love to talk to them.  I’ll talk to anyone who has something!

Long shot, I know…but railroad tracks  – I know, I know…but if you know me you know I’d love to have a set I can create here.  One that would be fake and false…and SAFE.  I refuse to shoot on any railroad tracks in use, it’s ILLEGAL and very dangerous.  So I want to build my own if possible.  So if you have them, I’d love to talk about how I could get them here!

Airplane parts – even crazier, I know.  But another photographer I know has some old plane bodies on his property and the images are totally cool.  I would love something like this!

Old windows – I have a scene I want to make fairly soon and I need old window frames – with glass or without, but old wooden windows.

Old furniture – I’m looking for a couple pieces I can leave outside – so nothing fancy, and please know these will most likely fall apart quickly in the field…but if I can use them for a season, it would save me hauling furniture from inside all the time.

Old shed parts – metal roofing materials, doors, etc.  Even a whole facade would be great.

Old porch parts – there was an old porch “set” in P’ville at a popular store that I coveted, but the price they wanted was too much for me to pay.  I’m looking for pieces and parts to create something interesting, but I can’t pay a lot for it.  Columns, railings, etc…we can build something around it, but I want the old look to the parts that will be photographed if possible.

This is a start…you never know what I can “see” if you mention it – so please call me if you have anything or know someone else who does…


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