Kaitlin – Loudoun Valley High School Senior – {High School Senior Photographer}

You’ve all “meet” Kaitlin before, but last week she came in for her Yearbook Photo and we are narrowing them down now.  Just thought I’d share one of the finalist possibilities here and see what everyone thinks!

This week is booked solid with Yearbook Pictures and with yearbook deadlines coming up in October and busy schedules starting for all those high school seniors everywhere, I know it will be challenging to get everyone in for their appointments between now and October.  If you are still wanting to do a yearbook photo for this year, don’t wait to call and book a time!

Most schools allow you to use an outside photographer and have them submit a yearbook picture to their school, some schools charge a small fee, but most don’t even do that.  To ensure your picture matches the yearbook as closely as possible, please provide your school name, yearbook advisor name, and school deadline for photograph submissions to me when you call.  I will contact your advisor to find out the background requirements, and any other details necessary to make sure  your photo gets to your school.  Once you make your selection, I process and deliver the files to the appropriate school, so it’s easy-peasy for you!

Kaitlin, Loudoun Valley High School Yearbook Picture Possibility

Kaitlin, Loudoun Valley High School Yearbook Picture Possibility

If you still need a Yearbook photo, please call me at 540 554 8743, or 703 328 7675 or visit my senior website at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/Seniors today!  You can also find lots of great information on my senior offerings in my online brochure at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com/SeniorInfo.  I look forward to taking YOUR yearbook picture!

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