It’s sharing time again….YOU GET THE GREAT DEAL OF THE DAY…

Ok, I am shamelessly plugging my business – Yes. I am using my friends, family, and client base again – Yes. But I love you guys, and we’re not doing anything today but watching snow and ice melt anyway, right? So here’s your GREAT DEAL for the day!

I have a terrific referral program – hopefully you all know about it – where you get a $20 credit when you refer someone to my business and then they book a session with me. You can amass as many of these as you like, and I hold the credits on your “account” until you need them.

But today is something different…something very special. I want to grow my mailing list quickly. I want to build my network…I want my name out there and I want a BUZZ. So here’s the DEAL.

Forward my website or blog to THREE FRIENDS today. Send me an email and give me their names (so I can see if I ever hear from them so you can get even more credit later)…and you’ll get $10 in CREDIT just for doing that! Yup, $10 just for forward my business to three friends TODAY. It’s one email if you CC me on it, and you get $10 to use anytime you want a session, or prints, or cards.

I want a buzz…and that’s why I have not only a website, but this blog where I post new session stuff for clients to get sneak peeks, but I’m also on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can follow me on any of those…I’m Patty Schuchman on all of them…and I love friends, followers and connections!

What you waiting for? Send that email! You NEVER know when you’ll want a picture taken!!!!


Check that site often, as things change frequently…and you might be surprised as my business grows…BIG changes will happen this year!

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