It’s Senior Portrait Season already! {Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer}

Yup, it’s that time of year again!  Starting in June, believe it or not, the current junior class will begin their portraits at some of the local high schools.  Most of the rest of the schools will follow suit either before the end of this school year or right before school starts again in August.

Each high school junior- members of the graduating class of 2012 – will receive a preplanned appointment card from the contracted school photographer for a yearbook sitting.  You will have the option to add on time for casual photos also.

You can just do that and be done.  You’ll receive the proofs in the mail and buy a package, select a yearbook pose and done.

BUT – if you want something that looks a little more unique (in other words, not the same photo or pose that every other person in your school will have), you can consider your options.  I hope you’ll consider your options!

Option #1 – let the school do it all.  But you might be surprised when you get your proofs at the price list and the images.  If you don’t like them, DON’T buy them!  Your deadline isn’t until the fall, so you can always try for a re-shoot even if you use the school photographer again!

Option #2 – let the school take that yearbook pose – and have your yearbook image match the rest of the school.  This gets the boring shot over with easily.  Then schedule a session with ME for your casual photos and we can plan a session that incorporates everything you want into it, AND take the time to make sure you look GREAT.  You will have more options, and you’ll be surprised how affordable it really is!

Option #3 – forget the school, and let’s just get it ALL right without the hassles!  You have a LOT to do next year – college visits, applications, regular school work, activities, etc.  We can plan a session this summer that gives you the yearbook pose AND your casual poses.  We can even have a session that gives you indoor studio (yearbook pose AND great headshots for mom), and outdoor poses in my exclusive Portrait Park…you’ll be amazed at your options!

Remember, up until now you’ve been photographed every year of your school life by the school.  This is your chance to have some control over the images…but also to have your LAST school portrait be something special.    Because as I’ve told parents before, this is probably the last formal portrait session you’ll have until your wedding day….so make it GOOD.  Mom will be looking at these images for quite a while, right?????

When selecting your senior photographer, be sure to find one that specializes in senior photography.  After all, you don’t need a bribe for a smile, right?  So why would you pick a photographer that photographs little kids all the time?  Ask about backdrops options, location options, and package prices too.  Do you homework and you’ll LOVE your images!

Check out Patty Schuchman Photography Seniors for more information and a portfolio of images that are NOT your traditional senior portraits.  Then call me at (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675 so we can plan YOUR senior portraits.

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