It’s Cap and Gown time! {Loudoun High School Senior Photographer}

Well, this is the last week for cap and gown shots for most high school seniors as the caps and gowns must be returned to the school directly after graduation, or they don’t get their diploma.  So I’m packed with kids wanting the shots at the last minute, and luckily, I anticipated this turn of events and even have a couple slots still open for folks who haven’t yet thought of this photographic moment.  If you are on my newsletter list you know I have two cap and gown specials WITHOUT session fees – so call me today to get on the list, and get the DEAL.  That one only comes once a year….so don’t miss out!

Lauren is one my senior reps and is graduating from Loudoun County High School next week.  I love LCHS’s caps, don’t know why but they are different from the others I’ve seen so far in that they have a sizing or something inside the hat to keep them upright.  And the band on them looks nice in the photos too.  Lauren is off to Virginia Tech in the Fall, and I know she’ll do great there!  She has a natural sense of how to pose, which is fun and makes the session go really fast.  And she always comes up with great ideas during the session – like the flower patch in her backyard that matched her cap and gown and turning on the fountains in her backyard pool!  Without further delay, here is a sneak peek of what Lauren will see in her gallery –

If you want to do something fun with your cap and gown before it’s gone forever – call me today!  (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675 and we’ll set something up just for you….

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