It’s an experience….don’t miss out {Northern Virginia Studio Photographer}

In recent months I’ve had numerous folks come through my studio and now my burgeoning new Senior Outdoor Portrait Park, and the one thing that is repeated to me over and over again, is “wow, I didn’t know this was here”.  Coming out to Round Hill to experience a portrait session with Patty Schuchman Photography is really… well, an experience.  You can’t believe how much I’ve packed into one studio until you see it.  The props, backdrops, setups, etc that I can put together from my stash of “stuff” will overwhelm you.  It sometimes overwhelms me, LOL!  If don’t believe me, come see for yourself.

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to showcase a backdrop, or to put together a scene set – for both my indoor studio and now the new Portrait Park.  I have so many ideas and plans in my head, I’m only limited by time and budget to put them all together.  But in the last six months I’ve put some major investment into making the Patty Schuchman Photography studio an EXPERIENCE you won’t want to miss out on – for your Senior Portraits, your Family Portraits, or even for an awesome Business Portrait.  Because between the studio experience AND the back end portrait finishing process I’ve worked years to perfect, you will LOVE the entire EXPERIENCE with Patty Schuchman Photography.

So when a mom comes to me and says “do whatever you want, I trust you for beautiful portraits of my daughter”, and the only criteria is to “make her feel like  princess”….I can do that.  And I will.

Trust me – and if you don’t think it’s true, why not come out for a studio tour?  I can practically guarantee you will not expect what you see when you do!

My studio will be, and probably already is, the largest indoor AND outdoor studio in Loudoun County specializing in High School Seniors, Families, Newborns, and Business Portraits.

I do not photograph little children unless they are part of a family, so rest assured seniors the props I have are not going to make you look like you are five years old.   When I say I specialize, I truly specialize.

It's an experience....don't miss out  {Northern Virginia Studio Photographer} - 1

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