It’s all about the details..in construction AND your photographer….{Virginia Photographer}

I’ve learned a few things AGAIN in the last few weeks.  Lessons I had learned before, but with the #studioremodel right now I’ve been facing those same lessons once again.  Undergoing this process has been an experience – and actually, a good one.  We have been reminded daily why we selected our builder, Matthew Bowe Design Build as the project, like all, has had it’s ups and downs.  Our builder has handled ALL of them and as I reflect upon this build I can say I think I’ve figured out why this one didn’t create havoc for me personally.

Building anything is a challenge – but when you are so connected to the build like I am, it can also create personal strife.  Disappointments when things don’t come out as expected, when you “trust” that what you’ve told someone you want is going to be interpreted as you think it should be!  But unlike large construction projects in our distant past, we’ve found in recent years that our trusted vendors are actually living UP to our expectations…and not disappointing us.  And this project is a great example of living UP to our expectations…and even exceeding it!

And I’m not easily impressed.  But you shouldn’t be either – when you select a vendor – like a photographer, you should expect that person to show up to take your portraits with the best equipment, be well educated about the subject matter and the equipment, and be able to deliver a quality product – NO MATTER WHAT changes or affects the equipment, subject or location.  Sure, I could buy any camera and put it on automatic…but automatic doesn’t always “adjust” well when situations change.  So I better know what I’m doing – just in case a curve ball is thrown my way and the lighting changes fast, or I want a different look in the image than a “preset” on the camera can give me.  Nothing goes as “planned”, so I plan for whatever might come my way…and I have the equipment and the knowledge to use that equipment so YOU won’t be disappointed.

You can say the camera takes a great photo – but I believe the camera only does what the photographer tells it to do – and you can hire anyone you want to put a camera on auto – but if you hire a professional the image will be exposed properly, well lit, and be something that you can actually PRINT.  Any size, any medium.  And yes, it will even look GREAT on the computer.  So would you rather have a cheap image that is underexposed, badly lit, grainy, or even, out of focus?  Or would you like a great experience where you only have to worry about what to wear, not if the person behind the camera can actually take a GOOD picture?

So why did this get started?  Because my builder has a sub contractor who is building me “cubbies” in my new office.  An organized space for all the different packaging materials I use when I put your images into the folders and protective bags I do before you receive them.  And my builder hired a person who brought ALL the right tools for the job – so he was able to not only make the cubbies for me, but he made them quickly and they came out GREAT.  My builder hired the right person for the job – and in the end, I have the PERFECT CUBBIES for my new office.  Funny how that happens, right?  Not just anyone would have brought all the right tools and would have finished off even the edges of the cubby like this —



But when you want it to look good, AND be well done…you do it right – with the right tools and right knowledge to use them.

So yes, we are learning new things every day…but we are reinforcing what we already knew.  Hiring the right people for the job might cost a little bit more, but in the end, you will NOT be disappointed.  Spend wisely and carefully, folks…not just cheaply and easily.  So what was different for us this time in our selection?  We hired professionals.  And they brought all their knowledge, their professionalism and their best tools to our project.  And it actually doesn’t cost more when don’t have to re-do it later, folks. It’s worth it…


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