Introducing….Event & Wedding Photography! {Loudoun County Event and Wedding Photographer}

Ok…ok…ok! I’ve had one too many calls for events and weddings and although I could easily say I wasn’t ready to do them before, I really have no excuse now to not offer them. So here you go! Patty Schuchman Photography is now announcing two types of event photography to cover all your event photography needs – Candid Event Photography and Wedding & Formal Event Photography. Both events will fall under the branding logo of “Beginnings” by Patty Schuchman Photography, there are a few basic differences in the two offerings.  Candid Events will only offer professional candids at your event, and the hourly charge will include your digital files from your event. This is perfect for small birthday parties, corporate events, open houses, etc. Weddings and Formal Events are defined as such because they have a need for posed groups, background control in some cases, and portrait lighting. Portrait Lighting kicks it all up a “notch” in the expertise field and therefore, the prices reflects that.

In pricing out my event offerings, I felt a strong need to give the client the ability to customize their event and their own “package”.  Therefore, you can build your own event by adding the digital files, any prints you want, a rehearsal dinner, a bridal session, a bulk # of formal portraits (for example, a company holiday party offering a gift print to each attendee), etc. I am putting all my offerings out there with introductory pricing that has been carefully researched, and analyzed. As always, prices are subject to change without notice and therefore, you shouldn’t wait to book your event if you have a need! I look forward to discussing with you your upcoming events that may need photographic coverage. Each event types starts with a questionnaire to help me help you, and is followed up by an Event Planning session where we will meet and discuss your specifics, and any concerns or requests you might have regarding your event. I am continuously amazed by how quickly this business has grown.

Weddings were planned to be offered next year at this time, and as everything else in my business plan, it’s come about much faster as I have accelerated my business plan in response to my clients continuing to demand more. It’s a whirlwind, but it’s exciting. I’m honored and excited to be taking this next step with so many supporters of my business behind me and encouraging me every step of the way. Thank you all for helping me to take this next BIG step!

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