Introducing… CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE…. {High School Senior Photographer}

It’s been coming for years.  The chance to build your own package so you get exactly WHAT you want, and nothing you don’t.  The Create Your Own Package is a popular way to purchase professional portraits, but I’ve struggled with a way to offer this and still give you a chance to purchase via the online shopping cart should you prefer to buy that way.  Some sessions types are more conducive to an online shopping experience – Yearbook, specialty, etc.  But when you have a session with multiple amazing images, it’s so hard to select from the tiny preview images you see online AND make what you want work with conventional print packages.

The shopping cart software is pretty good – but it can’t handle the tiered structure of a Create Your Own Package program, so I have finally decided how to proceed.  I’m offering BOTH programs.  YOU decide.  There are lots of incentives to Create Your Own Package – because it’s an in person sales presentation, we meet and go over your gallery images, narrow down the favorites and prioritize the list of what you would like where – and what size, etc.  Many people do not understand print ratios, so they can be surprised when they order an image in an 8×10 and find a crop happens to their image they weren’t expecting. In person you’ll see the crops BEFORE your purchase so you’ll know exactly what you’ll get.  And if you decide upon a wall portrait you’ll also have a chance to see the product ON YOUR WALL digitally before it’s even printed.  It’s pretty cool, really.

The program is simple really.  I have 4 steps you’ll walk through.  You order at least one item from each of steps 1-3 (step 4 is optional and voila!  You are done.  There are incentives built in to the program including lower prices on items & exclusive items that are no longer available a la carte or online.  A few new products have been added to the mix too, just to give you even more to consider!

The steps are as follows:

  • Step One – Wall Art (wall portraits, storyboards, wall groupings)
  • Step Two – Albums (books, albums (new), art folios, keepsake boxes)
  • Step Three – Gift Prints
  • Step Four (optional) – Digital Files

As stated, each step has incentives built in to you.  I’m sure the program will tweak and change as it goes out to the public and I get more of a chance to see the reactions to it.  I’m hoping I’ve put together something that most of my clients have asked for – based on the sales over the last two years I think this program will give you what most of you want – and still give those that just want a few small images the opportunity to do that also.  I’m going for the “best of both worlds”, here, I hope I’m getting close to hitting the mark!

Of course, online ordering will still be available for those with schedules too busy to meet in person.  The online options are more streamlined to keep it less confusing for all, but the basics are still there and the popular packages are still intact in that system.

I’m excited to offer this new program and look forward to helping you select the perfect set of products to CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE!


Special Note  – As of now this program is only being offered to my Senior Clients as most of the more “confusing” products that require customization are in the Senior category.  But I hope to bring out a hybrid Create Your Own Package for Family sessions soon also.

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