I want that shot too….2009 Seniors Cap & Gown

I’ve had SO MANY requests for THIS shot…the cap & gown walking away shot…I love it, and it’s a great photo for a thank you card from a graduation party, or even on the graduation announcement. Since I’ve had so many folks say they want this shot, and since this kind of shot is all about the timing, I’m setting up a couple days on my calendar just to shoot these kinds of shots. I have some caps and gowns in my props closet, so we don’t have to wait for YOUR cap and gown (but it’s a good idea to call me and see if I have your school’s colors!) and I have a great setting right here at my home…unless you’d rather have a more urban look…then we can set up a time to go somewhere else. These shots are mini sessions, as I will plan to do multiple folks on each day…and since it’s a mini session, I’d like to offer the following package to anyone booking:

1 Mini session for the “Walk Away” Cap & Gown pose, including one 8×10, two 5×7’s and the low resolution digital files for Facebook, MySpace, etc – for $69.95! You’ll get at least three different “looks” in your cap and gown and your prints can be from any combination of those poses. That’s a $118 value for only $69.95…
1 Mini session for the “Walk Away” Cap & Gown pose, with full resolution and low resolution digital files ONLY….so you can design your own announcement or cards….$129.95 for up to 3 poses & 3 files – my location or one of your choosing. That’s a $275 value for $129.95!
Have a friend who wants this shot too? If both of you schedule this session at the same time, each of you can take 10% off your package price AND get a one set of 8 wallets OR a 5×7 FREE as a extra gift! That can be up to $34 worth of discounts and bonus goodies!!!!
What are you waiting for???? I’m booking May 12th, 14th, and 27th and June 3rd at this time. Most sessions will take place between 6 and 7:30 pm – call for more details and to get your date booked.

I’m scheduling these mini cap and gown sessions for the last week in May and the first week in June now – and more dates may be added as this is a popular shot…so schedule YOUR date now! I will limit how many seniors I will do on each day as the timing of the natural light is really important for this type of shot…so be sure to get a day and time on the calendar NOW!

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