How to prepare for a great family portrait….{Virginia Family Portrait Photographer}

So what’s the key to having a great family portrait session?  Let’s face it, we’ve ALL had family portrait sessions that are tedious, fraught with arguments and grumbling…and in the end, result in images you just look back upon and cringe.  Right?

Well, the key is to keep it LOW KEY and just have fun.  Don’t stress about clothing, or wrinkles – in the clothes or on YOU!  Don’t worry about how you don’t look as you did when you were 21 (MOM and DAD), and just go for it.

Find a location that is great – and a photographer that is fun and easy to work with (and your photographer can help with the location).  Set a date and stick with it unless it’s outdoors and it rains.  Plan for a family dinner afterward, or even a family fun night – like movies, bowling or other.   Tell funny stories in the car about family memories that don’t embarrass or upset anyone, but get the family laughing BEFORE you arrive.

Remind everyone – even YOURSELF that you are capturing this moment in time – because it’s precious –  but make this one fun and not tedious so doing it again at some point in the future won’t be a chore either.

Details?  Stick with three colors for clothing that everyone will wear – (I offer tips of color combos to help), and don’t plan much beyond that.  The kids will pick up on your lack of stress, and by not getting everyone crazy about the little details that really don’t matter in the end, you’ll have a fun and easy time of it.  Stop fretting about hair styles, weight gains, acne, attitudes…all of it adds up to your family NOW.

Because your family is NOW.  You are NOW.  Stop fretting about wishing you looked a different way, or had a great “formal” photo – and take the image you have NOW.

Next year or even next month everything will be different.  And that’s the whole point….


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