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I have had so many folks not understand why I’m different than their brother in law who “has a really nice camera”.  I don’t want to sound condescending, but these days, everyone has a really nice camera.  And most folks only use them on Auto mode.  Will they still take GREAT pictures?  Most of the time.  Can they be better pictures?  Most of the time.  Do most folks know the difference?  Only if you point it out to them.  I can show you how a basic snapshot can be better, and it’s amazing what you can do with a point and shoot camera these days.  But that doesn’t make that person a professional photographer and if you are paying them for their “time and talent”, or worse yet – counting on them to produce results you’ll have forever as your memories – are you sure of what you will get?  If you want beautiful prints for your walls, snapshots won’t cut it and you will notice.  A professional photographer will make sure your memories are lasting, and the results are beautiful.  Very few people regret hiring a professional photographer, but many people regret NOT having hired a professional photographer.

This post might be off-putting to some.  I apologize to anyone who feels I’m insulting them.  I’m truly not.  I was that person for many years – the one with the really  nice camera and a decent enough understanding of how to use it even.  I “volunteered” for things.  And if that is the only way you will get wedding images because the budget is that tight for your special day, DO IT THAT WAY.  Or better yet, have a buffet instead of a sit down dinner and get a real photographer.  Honestly – I speak from my personal experience here.  I couldn’t afford a wedding photographer at my own wedding.  I only have ONE IMAGE of my husband and I on our wedding day and it’s blurry.  Even I didn’t value the photographers cost 25 years ago.  So I know it happens.

I have put a page up here on How to Pick a Photographer and if you have time, and want to try to understand a little bit about pricing structures of photographers, take a minute to read through it.  Everyone has to start somewhere, and you might find a GREAT DEAL with someone just starting out.  But if it’s a really important moment, what is your back up plan?

And I end that page with a chilling thought – one I hope none of you ever have to live through.  But I did as a child of seven when lightning struck our family home and my parents lost everything – everything.  Every picture, every momento.  Things that are so important to us now, almost 40 years later.

What will you ask a firefighter to retrieve from your home after your family and pets are safely out?

If you wish to take a look at my How to Pick a Photographer page – here it is.  Thanks for listening today –  I hope you have a great day and that if you’ve read this, it’s thought provoking at least.

  1. Sue Ann says:

    great post Patty! I hope people will take it to heart!

  2. Renee says:

    Well said Patty! Definitely should make every client think before they hire!

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