How My Business Evolved – My Specialties {Virginia Professional Photographer}

Ok, I touched on this a lot in one of my first posts.  What I wanted to do when I started, and what I ended up doing are very different.  But, however we got here, I am specializing in 4 areas.

High School Seniors – basically anyone in the teen, or “tween” years.  This can also include college seniors

Families – although I do get particular if the request is for a family that primarily wants shots of a little one, or a family with only little little ones.  Those are mostly recommended off to another photographer

Business Portraits – yup, love this and it’s complimentary to everything else I do, plus keeps me busy when in the days/times of day my other specialities aren’t typically booking

Weddings – yes, finally, weddings.

Why just those?  Well, it’s not that I don’t like little kids.  I do.  But working with little kids is truly completely different than working with the teenage set.  Little ones require a lot more running around, and coaxing.  Different lighting techniques, different props and backdrops – and a completely different marketing plan.  For me, none of that added up as worth it because in the end, I didn’t really feel energized to work with that age group all the time.

But I do love working with teens, tweens, adults.  I love weddings for the emotions of the day, and how every single one is different – so I have to be prepared for anything!  I love a challenge!  I get caught up in the day with my couples, and that means I look for those emotions all day long.  I’m exhausted the next day, but it’s all worth it!

Seniors are my favorites, yes.  That age group, more than any other one, needs to feel great about themselves.  I hope I do that.  That is always my goal.

I don’t do a lot of events – again, shooting and burning was never my model.

Landscape photography, while beautiful, is boring to me.

Commercial photography – I’ve done a bit of this, and enjoy it also as filler.  But I really love working with people.  So while products are nice as fill in, they don’t necessarily challenge me like a grumpy teenage boy, or middle age woman who doesn’t feel she is beautiful.

So that’s why I do what I do.  And yes, I turn away business when it’s not right.  It may not be great for my bottom line 100% of the time, but when I know I can’t be the right person for someone, I’d rather send them to others who I think would work better for them.


Next post – my pricing.  You want to read that one too!


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