Holiday activities – from taking the pictures to packaging the results, it’s a busy season! {Loudoun Photographer}

Wow…it’s been a busy season this year!  And it’s not over yet as I still have sessions booked for the holidays – families in from out of town or kids home from college.  What great reasons to get the group together and make a memory that will last forever.  And so many of my clients, past and new, are doing it this year.  I LOVE family portraits and the time it takes to make it work.  We have so much fun in family sessions and seeing the results, knowing another family has a picture that is a permanent reminder of a moment in time, is so rewarding.

My own family was challenged this year to find time to sit down for our family portrait.  In the end, we did an indoor studio session because it was raining on the one Sunday everyone was available.  But I have to say, I LOVE indoor studio.  I had hoped for an outdoor session this year with the family – maybe down at the pond even – but you do take what  you can get with families, and this year the schedules were too crazy for everyone.  But we managed to take the photos in less than an hour and really had a great time  – as you can see for yourself in the images.

I’m pretty sure the challenges my own family faced with finding time, getting motivated and getting successful results are typical of every family.  In our case, we didn’t need perfection – it wouldn’t be our family if it was perfect – but we wanted the memories.  And of course, I wanted the image for the card, LOL… So we concentrated on  having a good time and doing whatever it took to be as successful as possible in the endeavor.  And here’s what we got:



In the end, I have the images I wanted and needed.  Did I get 20 variations of them to select from?  Nope.  But I got what I wanted – and that to me that is success!  Oh, and along the way, we laughed and had a great time.  So folks, CHECK – DONE!

How did your family portrait session go this year?

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