Hi! I’m still here…but internet challenged these days

Hi everyone…I’m still alive and well, just frustrated as all! Our internet provided “upgraded” some equipment and now our connection is pretty much non-existent for surfing or doing anything on the internet. As someone who uses the internet pretty much for EVERYTHING, I am in a bad situation right now. Because of where we live, we don’t have a lot of options at all and with this situation coming up so quickly, it will take a bit of time to resolve. We are looking at satellite again, but that stinks with the download policies…pretty much making it impossible for me to do business. We are even considering putting up our own tower LOL! Things are really crazy, but I’m sitting at Starbucks and Panera and anywhere I can get a plug for my laptop and internet to surf and to upload stuff. It’s really hard with the poor doggie right now being in “Recovery” from her surgery -which by the way, went as good as could be expected. Now we recover.
If you didn’t know, our Border Collie Maggie had to have an ACL repair surgery this past Tuesday. The recover is basically 6 weeks, and she has limited mobility. She only wants to be at my side, so I’m pretty much glued to the kitchen table when I’m home. I have to listen to her cry and whine if I even go to the bathroom around the corner. It’s quite pathetic! I feel so sorry for her, though…it looks really painful.
I promise to try to keep connected to the “world” whenever I can. I can see a bunch of stuff on my iPhone (thank goodness for AT&T connections even at the house!)…and I am trying to get out at least once a day if I can to get internet.
So call me – the old fashioned way….home is 540 554 8743 and cell is always on these days 703 328 7675!

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