Haley, Class of 2012…..{Northern Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer}

Having your senior portraits taken can be a quick session with the school photographer, and result in images that look like everyone else in your class, or you can have images that represent YOU and only YOU by using a specialized high school senior photographer. You can incorporate so many things into your session, but the real bonus is the time you’ll have to get comfortable, find your pose, learn how to pose, etc. The results are images that truly reflect YOU – because we’ll have expressions that are relaxed, and it all shows.

Haley wanted two sessions – a mixed indoor and outdoor studio session here at my studio and portrait park, and then a second session – a very special second session – that you will see in a few days time. Stay tuned for something totally different!

In the meantime, I know Haley is anxious to see something from the first session, so here is a sneak peek of what I’m working on….enjoy it!

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If you would like to see a full portfolio of the types of senior portraits I offer, check out my senior specialty website today!

  1. Tanya says:

    Patty did an awesome job and Haley just loves her! We are so excited about our second sitting today! Beautiful pics, thanks Patty!

  2. Robert Searls says:

    Patty the four pics that you have posted so far are awesome and bring out Haley’s true beauty !!! Looking forward to seeing the rest .

  3. Scott Jonda says:

    You look great Haley. Nice job Patty.

  4. Chari Claflin says:

    Just viewed all the pics. Great job! Loved them! I will definitely order some!

  5. Chris Howell says:

    The pictures turned out amazing!

  6. Tracy says:

    Look at you! You are absolutely beautiful! Job well done!

  7. Rusty SHackelford says:

    Very nice pictures Haley

  8. Gabriel says:

    Haley you look great! Patty created you some nice memories.

  9. CJ says:

    Great pics Hale!!!

  10. Jegudiel says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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