Hair and Make Up NOT included…and this is why {Northern Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer}

I don’t include a hair and make up session in my session offerings. Some folks ask for it, and I’m happy to provide names of folks that I like for these services if you are interested, but I don’t make it mandatory for my sessions, by any means.

So with so many other photographers providing this “benefit”, why don’t I?

Simple…I think each senior is beautiful as they are – and I’m not going to tell them otherwise. I refuse to start a session by saying they need any enhancements to be them in their images.

So why do others offer it? Well, in some cases it’s because they want to give clients an almost “spa” experience – being pampered, etc. But for the most part, it’s really because it makes their post processing easier. Your images look already retouched out of the camera – and if they’ve done their lighting well – and that’s a big IF – they can almost be ready to print right away. (But I said “almost”, remember that!)

What’s wrong with that? Nothing…but I don’t believe it’s the REAL subject then, and I believe we’re sending the wrong signals to teenage girls to say they NEED that for great portraits.

Isn’t it the same as when you retouch an image? NO. I don’t paint on a look for someone, I work hard to make sure I only take away or minimize things that aren’t permanent (acne, red spots, etc) – and I never “enhance” a feature, or even minimize a feature (unless asked). So when you look at your images you recognize yourself.

So I’ll never offer a hair and/or make up artist as PART of my packages. Yes, that means more retouching for me. And it means I might have to be more careful while we are shooting to watch for hair to be the way the client wants it (behind the ear, to the side, etc). But I’d rather the senior be who they really are…and not who someone else interpreted them to be.












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