Got junk? Your junk could be my treasure! {Northern Virginia Photographer}

Yup, your junk could be my treasure!  I’ve been so bad about getting here to give you updates in the last two weeks…but it’s been crazy as usual here with projects going on in three different directions.  Lights are up on rails in the studio now, which is a BIG improvement as it means no light stands in the main area and no cords on the floor in that area either!  (for those of you who know how clumsy I can be, avoiding things to trip over is a good thing, LOL)

Anyway…back on topic…I’m looking for some junk items…seriously!  Don’t throw things away until you check with me first!  Old furniture – chairs, sofas and even dressers and tables in particular.  You never know what I’m looking for!  Well, because you never know, I thought I’d put a list up of things I’m looking for right now – if you have one, know someone with one, know where I can find one of these items, PLEASE let me know!

Currently seeking:

  • A surfboard – beat up, old, no problem.
  • Old Adirondack chair
  • old upholstered chairs, sofa or benches.  Specifically looking for a chaise lounge
  • Wooden tables
  • Old wooden crates
  • Old garden fencing – particularly metal gates and/or old wooden sections
  • Old wood – painted pieces, peeling or old knotty wood is great
  • Old Chain Link Kennel – particularly if it’s rusted!
  • Old metal – roofing, siding, corrugated, if it’s rusted or has peeling paint,  it’s even better!
  • Old signs
  • Old vintage style gas pump
  • Large metal wheels or cable spools
  • Railroad ties

It’s a long list, but I’m always on the look out!  If you can help, I’d greatly appreciate it!  All will be integrated into either indoor or outdoor studio setups, so even if you have a unique item that is NOT on my list, before you junk it, call me please!

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