Getting the Portrait Park ready…{Northern Virginia Photographer}

I’ve been loving these warmer temperatures as I’ve had more of a chance to get outside and get the outdoor Portrait Park ready for the year.

It takes a lot to keep it going, and of course I often decide to change or add something – and I only make more work for myself when I do, LOL. But Spring means a lot of cutting, digging, pruning, wedding, spraying, raking, bagging, mulching, planting, and …well, PRAYING.

It’s different every year – but last year I was really excited about the hydrangeas I had planted everywhere the year before. They were finally big and had buds all over, and I just KNEW it was going to be a beautiful background for so many photos.

And then came the deer…in droves. Eating machines that they are, they took all but about 3 of my hydrangea buds. I was devastated. A whole year lost of the MAJOR look I had planned for in so many areas.

But that’s the thing – I worked around it. I had lots of other areas I could use and although I really missed those flowers, it was ok. It forced me to see other options – and that’s the best part about this place. I always have other options.

So as I’m out every other day putting DEER OFF on plants this year, and playing in the dirt and the mud, I am reminded that all these efforts do pay off – in more than one way.

I hope you’ll come out this year to see the new things, and the improved things. And hopefully, the hydrangeas.

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