First Words Upon Arrival….{Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer}

“Wow…this is so pretty”. Or “I love this property”.

Then we go to the indoor studio. And the next thing I typically hear is “Wow…this is LEGIT”, or “You have everything”, or another favorite “It’s a REAL Photography Studio”.

All of which makes me happy…and a little bit sad at the same time.

Happy, because I’ve worked so hard to make it beautiful and professional…and the reactions tell me the work has paid off.

Sad – because what does that say about the state of photography today?  Do people not expect that when they hire a professional they will get a professional?  That as a professional I’ve thought out not only the technical aspects of the job, and the marketing aspects to get them to find me, but that I’ve made sure I can offer a LOT of options, with all the right tools, and keep them comfortable during their session?  And maybe prove that real photography still exists?

When I set out to create something different from everyone else it was for a lot of reasons – but mostly because I saw that photography was becoming almost a commodity.  Easily acquired by a friend or neighbor, results good enough in most cases to satisfy.  And it was sad in so many ways.  I could easily say that “competition” of that sort wasn’t concerning – but when I looked around at those that I did consider the really good ones, I needed to find my “niche”.  What would make me different?  Why would folks travel to Round Hill for MY photography?

So I know I can do all kinds of fun and creative things – but many times clients want just GOOD images – without crazy lighting, or a session that takes 3 hours to get 30 images because it takes so long to move around or change things up, or even to just get the shot.  Clients love lots of options, but it boils down to – did you get the expression mom wants?

And so I decided creating environments that put a client at ease for their privacy, they beauty, and their convenience was a critical element.  And we had the property to do that.  Not so inconvenient after all – and in the end, with all the land we had, we could do some very special things.

And that’s how a Professional Photography Studio and Portrait Park is born.

Keeping it up and beautiful – well, that’s a lot of love, labor, and yes, money.  But we do as much as we can on our own, get help when we can, and cover costs with the rest of what is necessary.  The important part is to keep it up, keep it fresh and ever changing, find new angles and lighting options – and give the clients OPTIONS.

All of that outdoors.  Then you see what we have indoors!  Next article….


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