Fire Trucks! Up close and personal….{Purcellville Lifestyle Photographer}

So….when one of my Fresh Faces contest winners from last spring contacted me and wanted to use one of his sessions for the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Dept, I was more than excited.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love big trucks.  My dad was a truck driver, and I grew up playing in his “big rig”.  I’m the silly girl who had tractor trailer trucks to play with, and if they lit up, I was enthralled!

So last year when Patrick “PJ” Pomata asked me to shoot some senior casual shots at the fire dept for him personally, I LOVED the opportunity to see the trucks up close and person.  And when Patrick asked me if he could use one of his free sessions from the spring contest for a group photo at the fire department once again, I was once again, more than excited!

Duty Crew 6 is the crew Patrick volunteers with – and I enjoyed meeting them and seeing how the whole department “works”.  And when they agreed to take the ladder truck out and put the ladder bucket up, I almost jumped up and down.  They thought posing the guys around the ladder truck would be cool, and of course, I agreed!  We worked around the calls, and once we had everyone back we raced to get photos before another call.  Light was fading, but the sky was beautiful.   These guys were great posers!  They jumped right in, grabbed equipment and had fun with the photo.

Here’s one for the guys to think about…I’m working through the others…but can’t you see the personality?

Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department, Duty Crew 6

Next time you see a volunteer fire fighter or rescue personnel, smile and thank them.  These folks do so much, of their own, and it’s easy to forget until you need them.

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