Favorite Wedding Photographer AND Event Photographer by Loudoun Now readers! (Loudoun Wedding Photographer)

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Wow! I had just about about given up on the”Favorites”, “Best Of”s, “Top”, and other local contests. I’m not very good at asking people to vote, nominate, or in general do anything for me…so when it comes to contests of this sort I generally fall into the bulk of other photographers with only a few votes. So I was shocked, and thrilled to be the winner in not just the Loudoun Now Favorite Wedding Photographer, but ALSO the Loudoun Now Favorite Event Photographer! So excited I’m actually writing this blog post from our vacation in the Bahamas.

As many of you already know, I do sometimes (well, yes, most often), take my computer or even sometimes computers on vacation with me. This time I only took one, but I did grab the iPad Pro so I could watch videos on the plane…and I’m glad I did. I can sit pool side and write this note to you all – to thank you for the “vote” of confidence!

So many of you also know I’m not the most out going person – so I don’t professionally network very well. Which makes contests like this really hard to win, or even get a chance to be considered. But these contests are GREAT for marketing – because once you have that logo to put on a website or in marketing others look with confidence at your business. I really get the power of it, trust me – but since I struggle with my non-outgoing personality, I channel all I have into being the best I can for each of my customers during sessions, and I don’t work on peer networking, or even B2B networking.  I might someday get the confidence to do all of that one day again – like I did in the beginning. But for now, I know the best way I can make my business successful without causing too much angst on my own psyche is to work with each customer as best as possible, and not push myself too hard on the group networking.

So winning a contest like this – well, it’s HUGE for me. It adds to my base line of confidence, and gives me a little nudge to go out a bit more on my journey of self improvement.

So when I say thank you for this – I truly mean it. Most of you may never know how hard some of this is for me – because I really try to not let on about my anxieties to too many people. I know opening up about it is not an asset for my business in many ways, but there are times I have to talk about it – because in the end your voting for me wasn’t just a popularity contest – it means so much more.

So thank you. So very much. And now maybe I’ll get in the pool and talk to some strangers. Maybe even make a friend. Who knows, right? Maybe I can do something more today because a few folks told me I’m pretty good at something I do…


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