Family Portraits – with some holiday style! {Family Portrait Photographer – NoVa, MD and DC}

So what happens when you plan Thanksgiving and the entire family is actually able to come?  From New York, Virginia, AND California?  You get a photographer to take your picture, that’s what!  And that is exactly what this family from Gainesville did this past Thanksgiving.  With all their kids planning to be there for the holiday this year it was a great opportunity to get everyone dressed up and posed.  We ran them ragged going to 4 different locations for whole group, sub group, and more shots.  Fun shots, and a fun family made it a really great day.

It’s no easy feat to accomplish on the family organizer’s end to get everyone TO a photo shoot, but then the work begins.  We have to attempt to get a good look on everyone.  And when an unpleasant detail is found in the photo AFTER the fact, well, it’s disappointing.  Like the easel sign in this picture.  We thought we’d moved them out of the way – signs advertising an upcoming social event at the country club.  But this one didn’t get moved far enough out.  So I took the opportunity to play a little “Where’s Waldo?” with the grandparent’s image and make it a photo within a photo for them.  So much better than the New Year’s Eve advertisement, don’t you agree?

Here is just one of the family – the whole clan looking all dapper and happy.  If your group is still in need of a family photo – holiday or otherwise, please give me a call and we can work together to have a successful day like this family did – and lasting memories that can be enjoyed every day too.

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Family pictures are priceless – so make your next family photograph a professional portrait.  It’s easy, it’s affordable, and the results are so worth the effort.



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