Family pictures aren’t just for the little kids you know….{Northern Virginia Family Photographer}

We force ourselves to take family photos when our kids are little – with the guilt trip in our heads that it’s important to document this time in THEIR lives.  But what about when they grow up and leave the nest?  Are we off the hook for family photos forever?  Well, I hope not!

Why should we be?   We’re still a family – and even if it’s just for us, don’t we deserve to have a great photo of just the two of us?  Taking the time to plan for and sit for a photo session may seem like a chore, but in the end you’ll have images to look at over and over again for years that you’ll treasure.  And that alone, isn’t one hour of your time now worth it?  Take this session for example.  Dale wanted and needed some updated business portraits and asked if he could “kill two birds” with the session.  He also wanted an updated image of him and his wife.  So we planned the session for when they could both be here, and they planned their wardrobe perfectly to coordinate with all the combinations too.  We maximized their time in the indoor studio and they achieved the goal of getting great business photos AND great images of them – family images of the two of them to treasure.

Isn’t that better than a badly done snapshot at the holiday office party?  Why not plan time for YOU – at whatever stage your family is in – and don’t worry about if the kids are there or not.  Sometimes the best gift we can give our children is a picture of US.


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So let’s plan a time in 2013 to take beautiful pictures of the parents for a change.  And start a new trend!  Call (703) 328 7675 or email Patty@pattyschuchman.com today to get set the date and check this one off your list for 2013 early.  Check out the full website of images at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com for inspiration too.

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